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The emphasis in these workshops is on developing and building Listening and Spoken Language.
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I hope to give some simple strategies we can use to help. This can start at a very early age – so do join us on the 22nd April for a look at Lockdown Literacy whatever age your child is!


This webinar is designed to give some practical skills and knowledge to teachers and SNAs to help a deaf child with any level of hearing loss not only to survive in mainstream but to thrive.

This webinar is designed to give some practical skills and knowledge to teachers and managers in pre-schools to help a child not only to survive but to thrive.


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Parents & Professionals

I offer a range of workshops for parents of children with a hearing loss and/or the professionals who work with the families.


What is Auditory-Verbal Therapy (AVT)

This workshop looks at what AVT is and how it differs from traditional speech therapy. We look closely at a typical therapy session and discuss who is the expert in a session? Parent or Therapist?

Developing a 'Theory of Mind' - The Art of Making and Keeping Friends.

This workshop looks at how a child develops an all-important theory of mind and how we as adults can help and support them in this.

Developing, stimulating, building the auditory brain for language in those crucial early years and beyond.

This workshop looks at practical ideas to enhance and develop our children’s brains, whether it is through conversation, play or stories. Daily routines in the home are very valuable to build the brain.


Encouraging, stimulating and building the auditory brain pre-implant.

As parents wait for an assessment or for the surgery /switch on of a cochlear implant, is there anything they can do to help prepare their child’s brain for Listening and Spoken Language as they wait? Is this wasted time? A look at Speech Acoustics and ‘Serve and Return’ can be a helpful guide.

Developing Literacy and a social child.

How can we develop our children’s social skills and their language while developing a literate brain? We take time to examine this important subject.

MUSIC - exercises for the brain.

Latest research indicates that music helps synchronize a child’s brain – how can we incorporate the joy of music into our everyday lives?

The wider family and their important role for children with a hearing loss.

Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins – we examine and discuss the important role of the wider family in the life of any child but importantly in relation to a child with a hearing loss.


"Stuck in a rut with language development!"

Are we truly expanding, developing and stimulating our child’s language, literacy and social skills each day? If not, we may be stuck in a rut…


Executive Function and self-regulation

Executive Function and self-regulation skills provide critical supports for learning and development, helping our child’s working memory, cognitive flexibility and inhibitory control. We also look at the most important factor of developing resilience in our children.

To allow screen time or not to allow screen time? That is the question - is any screen time good?

Should we be banning our children from watching screens or is there a place for them? Together we look at this all important topic to find a balanced approach.

Helping our children play

How we can foster imagination and creativity which in turn, develops our children’s language and learning?

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