Including the child in group discussions
It can sometimes be difficult for a child who is using hearing technology to be able to listen and follow what other children in a group discussion contribute.

If you have a soundfield system, it usually comes with a pass-around microphone. The advantage of this is that everyone must wait to speak until they have the microphone and when they are speaking, everyone else must listen to what they have to say. The child with hearing technology also uses the pass-around microphone when it is his or her turn. What a fantastic way to help all little ones learn to wait and to listen to each other while benefitting the child with hearing technology as well. Win, win!!

If you do not have a soundfield system with a pass-around microphone, you can use the Radio Aid (FM) transmitter in the same way.

In this way, not only will the child hear other children’s comments clearly, but they will also hear their own response, thus developing their ‘auditory feedback loop’.

The ‘auditory feedback loop’ is when we listen to others and to ourselves and as we do so, our brains begin to change the way we speak to sound more and more like the person we are listening to.

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